• Judy has spent 45 years as an educator working with children with special needs and their families. 

  • Judy’s children graduated from 4J. Her father and husband were teachers, she was a teacher, and her son, stepson and daughter-in-law are teachers.

  • Judy has worked for over 30 years to increase access and positive outcomes for children furthest from opportunity in our community.          

"Judy has provided meaningful support to us for 30 years since our daughter was born.  I have seen the differences she makes in our community and on the School Board in her tireless efforts to improve educational services for all students. ” 

Gail Richards, Eugene parent


  • Judy has over 45 years of experience in education with a strong focus on early learning and special education.

  • Judy founded and was the Co-director of Early Childhood CARES, the public education program that has served over 25,000 children with special needs and their families 

  • Judy has been on the faculty at the University of Oregon’s College of Education for over 40 years 

  • Judy has decades of experience as a successful advocate at the Oregon State Legislature for expanding education funding, sound policies and equality. She can get things done!

  • Judy has been a leader for 30 years in developing early learning systems at local, state, and national levels. In addition to helping state and local programs, Judy has helped develop educational programs in India, Saudi Arabia, and Bulgaria.

  • Judy is an experienced problem solver who has forged partnerships with health care services, social services, the business community, higher education, and others to solve community problems.  Schools can’t do it all alone.


  • Judy is completing her first term on the Eugene 4J School Board

  • Judy is a successful collaborator who brings together parents, stakeholders, educators, community leaders, and advocates to solve problems

  • Judy led the creation of the Lane Early Learning Alliance, our regional hub of early learning services

  • Judy helped establish Connected Lane County, our regional program for career and technical education 

  • Judy has successfully advocated for education funding and policies at the state 

Community Service

  • Oregon’s State Interagency Coordinating Council- member and chair

  • United Way of Lane County’s Success By 6 Initiative – member and chair

  • Lane County Systems of Care Executive Committee– member and chair

  • ShelterCare Housing Board of Directors

  • United Way of Lane County Board of Directors

  • Frontiers of Innovation Project the Harvard Developing Child 

  • Oregon’s Autism Commission 


Judy has been recognized for really making a difference in Education, Special Education, and our whole community.


  • Oregon’s State Interagency Coordinating Council (SICC) Service Award- 2001

  • Elisabeth Waechter Award, Pearl Buck Center - 2007

  • Educational Excellence Award from the College of Education, UO - 2008

  • Sylvia Mann Capper Award from the Arc of Oregon- 2009

  • Community Voice Award from United Way of Lane County - 2014 

  • Champion for Children Award from Parenting Now Oregon – 2016

  • Lifetime Achievement Award from the Arc of Lane County – 2019