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Hi, I'm Judy Newman


My personal commitment to public education is rooted in my family’s core. My children attended and graduated from 4J schools. My father was an educator, my husband was a 4J special educator for 25 years, my son-in-law was a 4th-5th grade teacher in 4J, my son is a high school history and civics teacher in Albuquerque, my daughter-in-law is a speech and language pathologist in public schools and my stepson teaches high school English in San Francisco.

As an educator here in Lane County, I have dedicated myself to providing quality education to the children of our community.  I co-founded and co-directed the Early Childhood CARES program through the University of Oregon. Over 40 years, we have helped more than 25,000 children acquire the skills to succeed in school. Our program has been recognized nationally and throughout Oregon, as a model for educating children with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. 

Our accomplishments are grounded in years of collaboration and building systems that help children. Most recently, I helped establish Lane County’s Early Learning Alliance (ELA). The ELA brings together K-12 educators, early childhood educators, health care providers, social service agencies, the business community, and parents to create a system that supports the whole family. 

This is what it takes to solve complex problems, and  I bring those skills to the 4J School Board. 

Eugene Schools

Eugene is a great community that values our schools and our children. I have loved raising my family here, and want to support our wonderful schools and community.

Nonetheless, our School District is facing unparalleled challenges in the years ahead. We will have to regroup after Covid. Our funding is under pressure. We must find ways to break the cycles of poverty, discrimination, and lack of opportunity.  

I deeply value the work of our teachers and school personnel and understand how tough it is now.  My experience is hands-on, in the trenches, and proven.  I can bring people together and get things done.   

I’m running for school board to bring my lifetime of professional and personal experience in  early childhood and special education to the broader challenges facing our district.  Schools are at the heart of a community and a place where all children, youth, and families should be welcome and safe.   Schools need to create opportunities for every child. That is my vision for 4J.

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