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 "Judy is the consummate leader who collaborates and listens to all perspectives.  Judy understands the many issues facing 4J from student assessment, to equity, to the financial challenges that loom ahead. I encourage Judy's re-election to the 4J Board."

Merri Steele -Former President  Eugene Education Association (local teachers’ union)

My Top Priorities

Back in School

Get our children back in school in person in a manner that maximizes the safety of students, teachers, and staff.

continue work on equity 

Continue the equity work in our district by identifying and eliminating practices that result in inequitable consequences for students of color, LBGTQ students, and students with disabilities. 

Listening and leadership

We need an excellent superintendent to lead 4J to be a high-performing district that provides an exemplary education to all students. I promise to seek out community and educator input as we search for our new Superintendent. 

If you want to know more about an issue, or about one that you don't see here, please email me. 

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