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An expert for the board

Eugene Register Guard 5/9/21

As mayor, I care deeply about schools. Our community is built on the foundation of healthy families.

Schools determine if children will have opportunity in life, and be able to overcome the challenges of poverty, racism and disability.

That’s why I endorse Judy Newman for the Eugene 4J School Board. I’ve worked with Judy for over a decade. She ably led the ShelterCare Board when I was development director. Through the pandemic, she and I have met regularly to discuss student and family health and safety.

She is one of our state’s experts in special education. She has built and run a public education program that serves thousands of kids, and she is on the faculty of the UO College of Education. She has led efforts for school funding, raising graduation rates and much more.

I know her to be thoughtful, dedicated and respectful. She not only listens; she hears and acts on what she learns.

Join me in voting for Judy Newman to continue her good work on the 4J school board.

Lucy Vinis, Eugene

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